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Are you still looking for a stylish finish for your garden that at the same time is aftercare friendly? Discover our different types of gravel and ornamental rocks! Our extensive range of beautiful colours allows you to find the appropriate pebbles or rocks for each style. Moreover, you can rely on the quality because we at Nijst Natuursteen visit the quarries ourselves to check on and purchase the different types of gravel and ornamental rocks.

The diversity of gravel and ornamental rocks

Are you going for a light or dark accent in your garden for small or large rocks? Different colours and sizes for both gravel and ornamental rocks can be purchased at Nijst Natuursteen. If you take a look at our collection of gravel and ornamental rocks, you will see that there are different styles. Choose, for example, flat rocks with a classic look, or darker pebbles in a somewhat more modern style. We update our collection regularly, allowing us to offer a wide variety of styles and allowing our customers to integrate modern trends around their own homes. This variety allows you to set your garden path, the ground cover between your plants and your driveway in complete harmony with your lifestyle.


Where can you buy ornamental rocks and gravel?

Ornamental rocks and gravel are a popular touch in the garden. You could lay a gravel path to guide you from your terrace to the compost heap. In addition to garden paths, you could also lay a gravel driveway. The pebbles are used as a hard surface. To ensure that you can drive your vehicle on it without any problems, a good subfoundation is best. The gravel or pebbles are then the finishing touch to your driveway. The stones turn up not only on garden paths and driveways but also as ground cover between plants and around trees. Or lay some ornamental rocks around your pond. There's a lot that can be done with ornamental rocks and gravel in the garden and around your house!

The diversity of gravel and ornamental rocks.

Gravel or ornamental rocks as a beautiful finish

With some white or blue pebbles on your driveway, flat rocks around your swimming pond or decorative gravel between the plants, you can give a personal touch to your house and garden. Laying ornamental rocks or gravel also gives an immediate beautiful, natural finish. Come and discover the complete collection in our large demo garden! Have you been able to make a selection from among the different types of gravel and rocks? You can purchase the pebbles or ornamental rocks in big bags or in bulk, and pick them up immediately at our location (Munsterbilzen, Limburg) or have them delivered.


rocks gravel ornamental rocks pebbles
rocks gravel ornamental rocks pebbles

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rocks gravel ornamental rocks pebbles

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