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Laying your terrace in natural stone or using ceramic tiles? At Nijst Natuursteen, you will find an extensive range of terrace tiles in both natural stone and ceramic in the most diverse colours. Come and have a look at our demo garden where you can discover the different types of terrace tiles.

Beautiful natural stone terrace tiles

Natural stone tiles on your terrace? That can be done perfectly! At our place, you will find all types of bluestone products ranging from Belgian top products to the very popular Vietnamese bluestone. Since last year, the range has been supplemented with Indian top quality products such as the Tandur, Lime Ash and Ash Black. Granite tiles and basalt tiles are also part of our permanent range. At Nijst Natuursteen, you will find terrace tiles of the best quality!


Will you be choosing the beautiful Vietnamese bluestone or the dark grey granite? Regardless of the terrace tiles that you choose, Nijst Natuursteen has matching curbstones, palisades and staircases to fully finish your garden in the same material.

Laying your terrace in natural stone or using ceramic tiles?
Tandur Yellow

Distinctive natural stone terrace tiles are a perfect addition in everyone's garden. They are also extremely suitable for combining with other materials in the garden. The authentic beauty of natural stone will convince you beyond a doubt!


Discover our ceramic terrace tiles

Ceramic tiles are on the up and up. The diversity of colours is huge. Terrace tiles in a wood-look or as natural stone imitation? You can enjoy your terrace your entire life with ceramic tiles.

Discover our ceramic terrace tiles.
Chinese bluestone

A significant advantage of ceramic tiles is their abrasion resistance. Moreover, they are stain resistant and structured so that they feel as if they are anti-slip. Do you want to build a BBQ on your terrace? Spills at the table? This is not an issue with ceramic tiles. You can really enjoy your terrace because of the aftercare friendliness of ceramic tiles.


Purchasing terrace tiles at Nijst Natuursteen

Are you looking for terrace tiles and you decide to use aftercare friendly ceramic tiles or an authentic natural stone tile? At Nijst Natuursteen, you will receive professional advice and we will find together the tiles that suit your terrace. Visit our demo garden and discover our large range of terrace tiles. 

Our experienced employees can offer advice from installation to finish. The aftercare products for your terrace tiles must also be part of the equation. Both types of terrace tiles do, after all, require a different approach with regard to aftercare. Will you be laying the terrace tiles yourself? Visit our page with laying tips. Nijst Natuursteen provides the full picture!


terrace tiles tiles terrace natural stone
terrace tiles tiles terrace natural stone

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terrace tiles tiles terrace natural stone

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terrace tiles tiles terrace natural stone
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