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Nijst Natuursteen offers different types of tree bark for a finishing touch to your garden. The bark comes from France and can be purchased in coarse and fine wood chips. This durable, natural product not only provides a beautiful finish but also protects the soil. What else is there to know about (decorative) tree bark?

Types of tree bark

If you want to add decorative tree bark to your garden, Nijst Natuursteen offers a choice of two types of pine or wood. We have Sylvester tree bark with its light brown colour that is available in two sizes (1-2 cm and 2-4 cm). This type of bark only needs supplementing after 3 to 4 years. You can also choose Maritime tree bark with its reddish brown colour that is available in three sizes (1-2 cm, 2-4 cm and 4-8 cm). The Maritime wood chips have a longer life span, lasting for about 6 or 7 years. With regard to price-quality and durability, both types of tree bark are good.


Why lay down tree bark in your garden?

Wood chips have quite a few interesting characteristics. Putting bark between your plants will reduce the growth of weeds. Tree bark in the garden also helps the soil retain moisture, preventing the subsoil from drying out too quickly and, therefore, protecting the plants. Additionally, the wood chips deteriorate slowly and, therefore, ensure that the microorganisms in the soil are fed over a longer period of time. If you use tree bark as a ground cover, you protect the soil against frost and erosion. With these strong qualities, tree bark in the garden is a real asset.

Why lay down tree bark in your garden?

Where can tree bark be placed?

Using (decorative) tree bark as ground cover in the garden is a good choice. Not only because of the many advantages of these wood chips but also because it gives a neat finish to your garden. In addition to gardens, bark can also serve as a soft surface in a playground to increase safety (in comparison to concrete or asphalt). Another possibility is laying tree bark as a surface for a running track. The wood chips cushion the shock, reducing the load on the person running. With an 8-10 cm layer of tree bark, the wood functions as a good ground cover that only needs supplementing every three to six years.

Would you like to purchase tree bark?

Purchasing (decorative) tree bark at Nijst Natuursteen

Are you a contractor or private individual putting in a garden? Nijst Natuursteen has everything you need to finish it completely and with style. Tree bark as ground cover between the plants, gravel to lay a garden path, natural stone tiles for a terrace and ornamental rocks to demarcate a pond. The long life span and excellent price-quality ratio apply not only to our different types of tree bark but to all of the products we offer. Would you like to purchase tree bark? First come and take a look at both types of wood chips in our demo garden. They are always in stock and can be purchased separately in bulk.


tree bark bark wood chips ground cover
tree bark bark wood chips ground cover

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